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Ciao history lovers!

Explore the fascinating ancient city of Pompeii with a 3-hour guided walking tour of its historic ruins. Walk its 1st Century streets and gaze up at magnificent Mt. Vesuvius. Imagine life as it was before this beautiful city by the bay was shaken by a cataclysmic earthquake in 60 AD, and then buried in 79 AD by the eruption of this very volcano.

No trip to Rome is complete without a visit to the early port town of Pompeii. Populated by a thriving middle class, it offered bawdy attractions to delight the sailors who returned regularly from their Mediterranean excursions.

Walk the cobbled streets to the Theatre and learn about the plays and events held there. Relax in the decorative Thermal Baths with their dressing rooms, baths, toilets and exercise fields.

Picture the colorful streets of old bustling with merchants and their customers. We’ll visit restaurants and bars. We’ll compare prices for wine and clothing and – slaves. We’ll hear rare recipes whose heritage lies in the ancient past.

Then it’s on to the Forum, at the city’s illustrious center. Can you see the politicians and priests walking among the public buildings and temples? The streets are filled with visitors from across the vast Empire here on business and vacation. See the processions and glory in the ceremonies that characterized the vibrant life of Pompeii.

And don’t forget the Ampitheatre with its gladiators, and the infamous red light district . . .

Getting to Pompeii is easy. Located several kilometers south of Naples and 240 km south of Rome, it can be reached by train (Pompeii Scavi Station). Our professional partners are available to meet you at your hotel, port, or the airport.

Our tour is unique. There is no waiting in line for entrance to the historic ruins of Pompeii and you will have a private guide.

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